About Bobby Lee

Pedal steel guitarist Bobby Lee has been a professional musician here in Sonoma County since 1978. His first instrumental CD, Quasar Steel Guitar, was released in 1995. He was inducted into the European Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 2010.

More Video From deLorimer Winery

This is the last of our DeLorimer Winery video clips from April 30, 2010. Includes portions of Remington Ride, Blues For Dixie, Streets of Baltimore, Waiting For a Train to Steel, and Rosetta. Hugh Harris (guitar, vocal) and Bobby Lee (pedal steel, vocal). Sorry again about the wind noise.


Video Clips From 4 Songs

Video clips from 4 songs: Warm-up jam, Ragged But Right, Sleepwalk, Steelin’ the Blues. Hugh Harris (guitar, vocal) and Bobby Lee (pedal steel). Recorded April 30, 2010 at deLorimier Winery, Geyserville, CA. Camera by Wynn Bailey. Sorry about the wind noise.